Noun, Philosophy, Digital Naturalism

plural noun: Dialexicons

: the dynamic vocabulary of a group of persons, language, or branch of knowledge.

: a peer-reviewed dictionary produced through dialectic, especially of network(s)/ed(ness), homebrew, and sympoietic practice. E.G.
“a Sympo[e]litic dialexicon”

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: philosophically oriented tech-art && research duo based in Groningen, the Netherlands, with the goal tonvestigate the phenomenological aspects of perception; body; space; and time, – in a present where we all carry a refracted version of ourselves in our pockets. and to expand the confinements of language and narrative; seeing and being. Our wish to establish a form of communication more suitable for discussing the complexities of contemporaneity; A trans-medial language appropriate of the anthropocene; A language for the networked human.

: http://smit-andersson.org

: mothernode@sciencefriction.info