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a performative research installation.

As digital media has shifted our information intake from static to fluid, the lack of restrictions of time and space make it hard to keep up - to know where one story ends and another begins. The Internet - the Cloud - the Algorithms - all words we know, words we live by. But what are they? How do they work? These words we know so well. Could we write book together? Alongside the technology that mirrors us so well we test how social the network really is within the borders of the performative research installation "SCIENCE FRICTION @ NP3. We built a “little” Internet. A framework that gives space and time to the social network human - physical and digital. A local network situation that researches the interaction between the “real” and the other “real” in a playful way. This is the space and time in which the story of our book will take place. The body - that is you and me - us and I. The performative research installation "SCIENCE FRICTION" takes us on a journey through digital schizophrenia and closely knitted structures of data avatars and algorithms. It opens the table for discussion and thought on the present network situations condition. We are looking forward to research, bend, and experience the possibilities of interaction that the social data creates - together with the audience. We invite you to join us in our attempt to develop a network that proposes a symbiosis between the human and her machines.

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Sep 27 – Dec 13
Hofstraat 21, Groningen

“The YouKube is a curated selection of unrelated materials, created by members of sf.admin within the context of Science Friction @ NP3.
It aims to generate a rapidly fading interest from the viewer that result in the reading of this text.
What we hope to achieve by this is that you, the viewer, might be inspired to navigate to the menu in the top right corner, where you will find more relevant information concerning the Science Friction Project and its current activities”

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